30th December 2020

SMMT calls for immediate ratification and implementation of draft UK-EU TCA

With just hours from ratification to implementation, government should provide specific additional phase-in periods for administration requirements.

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29th December 2020

Comment on the signing of a UK-Turkey trade deal

We welcome today’s agreement between Turkey and the UK to extend preferential trading terms beyond 31 December.

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24th December 2020

Comment on the conclusion of a EU-UK trading agreement

We welcome today’s agreement of a new EU-UK trading agreement, which provides a platform for our future relationship

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15th December 2020

Comment on the signing of a UK-Mexico trade deal

The signing of another trade agreement that rolls over our preferential trade terms that would have expired when we leave the EU is welcome...

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13th December 2020

Reaction to ongoing UK-EU trade talks

"We welcome the commitment from both sides to continue talking and find a way through the political impasse"

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11th December 2020

Reaction to ongoing Brexit negotiations

"Even at this eleventh hour, we remain hopeful that a trade deal will be struck between the UK and EU"

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24th November 2020

Drive home Brexit deal for Christmas or risk £55bn manufacturing hit

WTO tariffs would strike £55.4bn blow to UK sector by 2025 with annual production falling below one million units consistently.

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10th November 2020

UK Auto counts £735m cost of Brexit preparation with ‘final’ plea for zero-tariff trade deal

The UK automotive industry today issued a last-chance plea for a zero-tariff, zero-quota trade deal that delivers for automotive as negotiations enter the endgame.

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28th October 2020

‘No deal’ tariffs would undermine Britain’s green recovery

New calculations reveal ‘no deal’ tariff threat to Britain’s green recovery, with £2,800 average price uplift on EU-built EV.

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16th October 2020

Reaction to PM statement on Brexit negotiations

"Make no mistake, the automotive industry will not prosper from ‘no deal’. It would have a devastating impact on the sector, on the economy...

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